The computerization of all the processes and the supervision provided by the winery’s technical team guarantees the production of high-quality wines that meet consumer requirements.

The harvesting starts when the grapes reach perfect maturity. Each variety is unloaded into its own hopper and de-stalked, crushed and pumped into maceration tanks.

This is followed by the pressing in pneumatic presses which ensures that the white or red musts are of first-class quality. The white wine musts are floated before fermentation in temperature-controlled vats, while the reds undergo their malolactic and alcoholic fermentation simultaneously.

The wine is stored in 103 tanks, with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 1,100,000 litres. The finishing processes include centrifugation, diatomaceous filtration, tangential filtration, membrane filtration and the use of a horizontal centrifugal separator for the lees.

The winery’s barrel room is home to our perfectly-conditioned American and French oak barrels for the ageing of our wines. We also have a bottling line with a capacity of 1,500 bottles per hour where we can apply either standard corks or Stelvin screw caps. From here, the bottled wines go into our 1,000 m2 warehouse, where they remain until their release for sale.

White Wine Fermentation

The perfectly clean musts are fermented separately. Each variety has its own production protocol with different types of yeast, different temperatures of fermentation and different fermentation aids, enabling each wine to express its finest varietal character.

Red Wine Fermentation

All the red grapes are fermented and macerated using the Ganímede system.

The Ganímede system ensures a smooth extraction of the colouring matter resulting in smoother, fruitier wines.